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Harry H.
Harry H. from Sherman Oaks, CA wrote:
We took 40 people from The Magic Castle Hotel to Palermo's and back for our rehearsal dinner. Stephen called when they got there, we loaded up, he did a tour as we cruised down Hollywood Blvd and got to our place on time. Then they waited around for three hours... and were ready when I called for them to pick us up. They were friendly, flexible, and above all professional and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
9 October 2012 on Yelp
Dusty C.
Dusty C. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
Can't say enough about Steven and The Big Red Bus Company. They treated us so well and really went above and beyond to make sure our group had everything we needed to have a good time and enjoy the ride. We had chartered the bus for a concert and... fashion show downtown, and they were on time and greeted us with great energy and enthusiasm. We really loved The Big Red Bus Company!! I'm now looking for another excuse to charter their buses again.
13 September 2012 on Yelp
Randy K.
Randy K. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I cannot say enough of The Big Red Bus tours and those who run it, especially Steve. On more than one occasion now, me and many out of town family visitors have thoroughly enjoyed a number of tours. Thorough information is imparted in an entertaining fashion and the bus is clean and comfortable. I'd go anywhere with these guys!!!
22 July 2012 on Yelp
Lori L.
Lori L. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
We used the Big Red Bus to take over 50 kids from my daughters Bat Mitzvah service to the party. This was the best way to start off the night! The driver and assistant were extremely professional and friendly with the kids. The kids had a blast... on the bus riding down Ventura rocking out to the Beatles! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better....Steven (the owner) emailed me several great pictures they took of the kids on the bus!
Hats off to The Big Red Bus, Steven and crew!
12 November 2012 on Yelp
Troy T.
Troy T. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
The Big Red Bus is da bomb. The driver and guide have great attitudes and went out of there way to make sure that we enjoyed our tour of Hollywood. These guys know there stuff.
13 June 2011 on Yelp
Thorne C.
Thorne C. from Santa Monica, CA wrote:
We had this LA Double Decker bus for our company holiday party. It was magical. Great guys to work with and the bus was authentic for roysh! Affordable and it was great that we could hook up our iPod and rock out. The only complaint was that the bus was quite jerky at times which made some of the passengers nauseated. But as I said before...authentic and magical experience!
22 March 2013 on Yelp
Kenneth U.
Kenneth U. from Costa Mesa, CA wrote:
I wanted to celebrate my friends birthday, and was looking for a different avenue then the usual bar-hop ! I found The Big Red Bus Company in Los Angeles and it's friendly owner operator Stephen. Steve gave us all the information we needed on how to make this birthday party... a success. He warned us that it would take us longer to get to venues, because of traffic and straggling party goers, so basicly throw out the schedule sheet and let him deal with it.

So we all met at the first location a nice bar in Los Angeles, and sure enough our party people seemed to lose all track of time, but Steve said not to "stress it" as he would handle everything, and just to join in and have a good time. The Big Red Bus was not one of those old rust buckets we see around town, but a clean and well appointed bus, with a speaker system upstairs and down, you can even use you're own iPod with you're own music - What a Blast !

The Big Red Bus Company did handle everything, we all chipped in $25.00 each which made it totally affordable, and a good time was had by all.

I'd recommend The Big Red Bus Company for all you're party needs in Los Angeles.
5 December 2010 on Yelp
Jodi G.
Jodi G. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
The owner Stephen was great to work with in planning the transportation for 72 kids for my boys Bnai Mitzvah. He arrived early and the kids had a blast! It is a safe way to transport all the kids from the Temple to the Party...
15 March 2012 on Yelp
Amanda M.
Amanda M. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I rented the double decker bus for my birthday/Halloween party and it was a total blast. Steven and Bob were very helpful and accommodating and the bus itself was really cool; all original vintage interior and exterior. Steven let us bring all the drinks and snacks that we wanted and... they were flexible enough to extend our rental an hour at the end of the night. It was pricey, but everyone kicked down about $30 each, so that defrayed the cost.

One of the best things about this experience is that everyone was really TOGETHER for the night and it built a sense of camaraderie that you don't normally get at a party where people kind of wander in and out or if everyone meets at a bar. It was a real journey and definitely the best birthday party I have ever had. We are all talking about doing next year and making it a tradition. So don't go snaking my Halloween night rental reservation.
5 January 2010 on Yelp
Jennifer F.
Jennifer F. from Encino, CA wrote:
Thanks Stephen for schlepping 70+ kids from the temple to our venue for my daughter's bat mitzvah - the kids had a blast and it got the party going before it even started. Stephen was very receptive and attentive to my inquires. Bus showed up ahead of schedule... so I never got a chance to worry if they would be on time or not. The kids loved the double-decker cruising down Ventura Boulevard!
29 January 2012 on Yelp
dj c.
dj c. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
The Big Red Bus was professional and organized, yet FUN! Who knew the two could go hand in hand.

Last weekend we celebrated a milestone birthday for a good friend aboard THE BIG RED BUS.

It was a bit pricey for our budget, but when all... of our friends said they would pitch in $25 each, it made it completely affordable!!

Making the arrangements was easy. Stephen is friendly and flexible, and bluntly honest about accessibility and timing of venues. One would think that it would only take a few minutes to go 3 miles from one venue to another...he told me it would take 30 minutes...and it DID on a busy Saturday afternoon at the Beach, aboard this huge bus! He also warned me that my 'normally' punctual friends would find it difficult to make it back on the bus on time...he was right about that too (I had even handed out 'loading schedules' to all of the guests!)...but everyone was having a great time, so no big deal!

At 2pm Stephen and his assistant picked us up at Tony P's in Marina Del Rey. We then visited The Waterfront Café, then Finn McCool's, then a drive down PCH, turn around at Will Rogers State Beach (while parked at Will Rogers we had a dance-a-thon on the top deck!) then a safe return to Tony P's at 7pm. 3 venues, an hour at each...this took 5 hours total...EVERY minute was a blast!!

BTW - this is not like one of your ordinary, beat up London Style Buses that you might see around town, this is a bright red, newer looking, nicely upholstered, impeccably clean, double decker, topless bus (can be seen in NBA commercials).

Stephen let us bring our own iPod music (he has his own, but we wanted our own), and has a PA system aboard for HAPPY BIRTHDAY announcements! He even let us put up a couple HAPPY BIRTHDAY posters in the lower windows.

FYI - Good idea to call ahead and speak to the manager or the owner of any venue that you are interested in visiting. For instance, we called Duke's and the manager told us NOT to come. Little does that manager know, that we are a crew of 30 professionals in our 40's-50's well mannered and good tippers...Apparently Dukes is too good for us (and our money too) these days.

We REALLY enjoyed the prospective of our city from the double decker bus! Many of us live in the area, but had only seen it from street level. It is awesome to see it from way up high, REALLY awesome.

GREAT way to spend a FUN birthday aboard the double decker, cruising the beach on a BEAUTIFUL afternoon, with friends...Does it get ANY better? Think not.
9 September 2009 on Yelp
G S.
G S. from Lake Balboa, CA wrote:
Something in elp's filter did not like the review I wrote or the five stars I gave Steven and David and The Big Red Bus. My review was removed, but I do stand by it.
We loved the tour. And no, it is not too good to be true. So... here it is again gang.
If they take it down I will gladly post it again.

We took Steven's tour through Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Melrose.
We had such an incredible time!

Steven could not be any nicer. We had a couple of people running a little late and he was kind enough to wait. When a lovely couple from China needed a restroom, Steven actually made it his mission to find them a place, who does that? Steven does.

David our tour guy was a blast. We live in Los Angeles but a group of us decided
to take a tour just for fun. Loved every minute of it. Not a single dull moment.

Thanks guys for a wonderful experience.

Gabbie S.
Lake Balboa, CA.
15 May 2012 on Yelp
Wendy S
Wendy S from Newport Beach, CA wrote:
My corporate event necessitated transportation to dinner and instead of using the usual boring coaches, we used the Big Red Bus. What a great decision! Steven and his crew are totally timley and responsive, so setting up the event was a breeze. The night of, we all boarded the bus... to festive Beales tunes and had a blast on our short ride to the restaurant. The evening was beautiful, so the ride home was refreshing for those lucky enough to get a seat on the top deck. Everyone loved the bus as it extended the "party" back with us to the hotel. Thanks to Steven and team for making our evening so special!
26 October 2012 on Yelp
David P.
David P. from Santa Monica, CA wrote:
If you want a big red double decker bus to tour LA, then Stephen and The Big Red Bus Company is your team. His reservations and cost system was very straightforward, and he made all the guests on the bus feel at home.

The bus is exactly what... you think it will be: A clean, big, red, double decker bus.

Stephen is very upfront about amount of time it takes to move around town (it's not a motorcycle) and very straightforward on pricing.

I can't imagine booking through anyone else in town if I ever needed a double decker bus again.

BTW: We rented the covered double decker bus (not the open top). I'd consider the open bus during the day when it's sunny in LA....but would strongly recommend the closed bus at night when it gets chilly throughout the city.
26 March 2011 on Yelp
Jacqueline C.
Jacqueline C. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
This is my second year using the Big Red Bus company for my birthday party- a costume-themed party/bar crawl on a saturday night hitting up bars on the westside. My friends are already requesting for a third year. This year went even better than last because I knew all... the pieces that were needed to get together to make the booking easier.

I work most directly with Stephen, who would always answer his cell phone with every little question and detail I had. Trust me I can be obnoxiously anal and he was always incredibly helpful. He followed through and gave me the information straight/direct. The best thing to do is provide clear addresses for pick up, stops, and drop offs and leave the rest up to them to figure out. Don't just say hey I want a bus, go drive around. This also means to coordinate with the bars to allow an entire bus of people in.

The double-decker bus is a really great aspect to add to any party/event you are hosting. Including a generous amount of alcohol (you can bring pretty much anything but jello shots) it comes out to about $40/person.

Theses buses are better than your average party bus because they offer more seating. The close-top bus allows for 70 people. We comfortably fit about 50 people on the bus, with about 4 big buckets/tubs of beer and alcohol. There is an aux cord to plug in your phone/ipod and music plays really well on the close-top bus, not as well on the open top bus (because the wind upstairs).

So if you are like my group of friends and love to drink, sing, and look really awesome driving around town- definitely consider the Big Red Bus.
15 October 2012 on Yelp
Huston H.
Huston H. from Los Angeles, CA wrote:
I took a tour with my friend, it was great, the people were nice and fair.
12 March 2012 on Yelp